• About us

Our company “Axel Trade 2009” LTD is young and quickly developing in the sphere of the woodworking industry and the production of pellets out of wooden biomass. Out team composed of ambitious professionals works on a daily basis in order to improve our activities and to achieve both of our main objectives – to become part of the leading companies in this area and to satisfy to the maximum degree our clients requirements – by offering a product possessing high and stable quality that actually coincides with its laboratory analysis!

As of nowadays we may offer fully and with assurance to our clients a product that is ecologically clean and fulfils the European standards for products quality.

We offer:

  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Honest and fair trade
  • Long-term business relations
  • Creation of commercial networks
  • Varieties to optimize the products market
  • Logistics solutions

It is our pleasure to work together!

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