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Pellet stove – information and tips

If you have already come to the choice of a pellet fireplace for your home, then you have chosen to heat yourself with one of the most modern and environmentally friendly fuels on the planet. Pellets are the future of the Earth, as they do not pollute the environment in any way, and only pure wood is used to make them. We at SchneiderPellets have a team of professionals who are constantly working on the two most important things for us – to be among the leading companies in the industry and at the same time to satisfy the requirements of our customers. The products we offer are of high, consistent quality and actually meet your laboratory analysis.

With this article we will try to help you make the right choice for a pellet stove by giving you some tips. It is important to know from the beginning that the choice you will make will be extremely important for your home to be warm in the near and distant future during the cold months of the year. It is also very important to choose the right appliance so that complications do not occur soon.

дървени пелети


Let’s start with how one works pellet stove. Their size varies, but the principle of operation is one and same Each pellet stove has a hopper that collects differently amount of pellets. At the bottom there is a feed auger that feeds fuel to the combustion chamber. For its part, this camera is”Supplied” with a regular amount of air on the principle of the vacuum for optimal combustion by a smoke fan under her. The actual combustion process takes place in a special combustion chamber, which is a heat exchanger that transfers heat to the room.

When choosing a pellet stove should you know what space you want to heat. The pellet stove is more suitable for apartments, as they are more compact and do not require a room in which to be separated. In addition, pellet fireplaces bring aesthetics and coziness to the room in which they are situated. A big plus of any pellet stove is its higher economy. They are designed so that in addition to heating water, radiate a large amount of heat from the fireplace itself. Of course, they are with fireproof glass, through which in family dinners you can enjoy the combustion process. This leads to comfort on cold days.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this type of heating is that all these appliances have full autonomy. In other words – the process of ignition and heating is completely automatic. Of course, the pellet stove also hasits shortcomings, which we can not share. Unlike boilers, however, each pellet stove has less storage space.The most common appliances of this kind weigh an average of between 15 and 45 kilograms. IN depending on the power and the time in which it operates, it will be necessary to charge your appliance on average once a day. Another disadvantage of this type of fireplaces is that they need to be cleaned every day. This will lead to perfect work and quality heating. So you can clean every day,you will need to purchase a specially designed vacuum cleaner.It is also important to know that almost all fireplaces are made to work only with the highest quality class A1 pellets that we offer from SchneiderPellets. These pellets are usually more expensive than those with class A2, but we do not consider this a minus, because in the end with quality caloric pellets achieves the best savings, and from it also leads to the best possible final price.

Камина на пелети


It is completely logical and normal for such a device to require its maintenance in order to work in the most satisfactory way. If you want to achieve the best possible savings and to be sure that the fireplace will serve you for many years, you need to follow a few rules: 

– Check the hopper and fill it with pellets

– Check the burner

Once a week:

– Clean the ashtray


– Clean the burner

– Clean the ashtray

– Clean the glass

– Clean the heat exchanger

Once a year:

– Call a specialist to check and service your pellet stove.

In this way we guarantee that the appliance will serve you for many years to come.

А ако искате да разберете всичко най-важно за качествените пелети, може да го намерите в тази статия на “Schneider Pellets”.

Why is it important to use quality pellets?

We will give an exact explanation of how and why the quality of one of the most modern ways of heating today is so important. It is a type of solid fuel in the form of cylindrical granules, which are produced from wood waste. Pellet heating has some advantages such as the small waste product from combustion, as well as the automatic supply of fuel to the burner.

We at SchneiderPellets have located our company at the foot of the Rila Mountains in the town of Samokov. It is from one of the most beautiful points in Bulgaria that we get the raw material for our pellets. We use only quality coniferous wood, and our production capacity for one year is over 20,000 tons.

Stages of production

In order to reach the final product, the pellets must first go through several stages of processing. Initially, the wood is ground into large pieces and allowed to dry. The reason for the large crushing is the shorter time it takes for the material to dry.

иглолистна дървесина за пелети

Two types of mills are used for this grinding – drum type or hammer mills. A new grinding follows, which this time makes the wood in small pieces. Hammer mills are most often used here. At the end of the stage, particle uniformity must be achieved – up to 4 mm. One of the most important stages is pressing – there is the formation of wood pellets. The ground and dried wood is fed to a granulator through a dispenser and thus the granules are formed. The pressing takes place at high pressure and temperature of over 100 degrees. The lignin contained in the wood is the natural glue that softens at a similar temperature.

After drying, the granules have a temperature between 70 and 90 degrees, and this temperature depends on the pressing force. The pressing force is decisive for quality pellets.

When the strength is higher, this makes the temperature higher, and this determines how high the quality of the pellets will be. However, once the process is complete, the pellets need to be cooled. For this purpose coolers are used, through which the final hardening of the wood granules is achieved. Only then are the granules suitable for storage and transport.

Quality standards A1 and A2

качествени пелети

In order to have quality pellets, it is good to pack them and then store them in pre-prepared storage rooms. It is recommended that these places be clean (dry) and ventilated. We at SchneiderPellets can boast the EN Plus brand. But what does that mean? In 2010, the EU introduced a uniform quality standard for wood pellets for heating (EN 14961-2). This standard affects parameters such as granule length, diameter, ash, moisture content and others. With the adoption of this quality standard, an EU EN Plus certificate is introduced, which is intended for pellets used for domestic use. ENplus distinguishes the qualities of two – A1 and A2.


For class A1, the strictest possible restrictions for ash content in quality pellets have been introduced, and in our country it is up to 0.69%. In class A2, the ash content may be up to 1.5%. Characteristics of the wood pellets of “SchneiderPellets”:
– 100% softwood without chemical impurities.
– Heat output – 5.1 kWh / kg
– Burning ash – up to 0.69%
– Diameter – 6 mm
– Length – up to 35 mm
– Moisture – 5.5%
– Sulfur – 0.0014%

Types of packaging for pellets:

We offer the following cuts:

– 15 kg. bag – convenient when refueling the hopper of your fireplace or hot water boiler;

 – As well as Jumbo bag (big bag) of 1000 kg.

 – facilitating the charging of larger installations. 

Pellet heating – advantages and tips


дървени пелети за отопление

Доказателство за това дали даден търговец продава качествени пелети, се проверява със специален сертификат – EN Plus A1. На 24.06.2019 г. „Аксел Трейд 2009” ЕООД сертифицира пелетите си със сертификат EN Plus A1.

Сертификатът е издаден от италианският официален сертифициращ орган ENAMAgroenergie с номер n. 2/188  в съответствие с регулаторните изисквания UNI EN ISO 17225/2014 части 1 и 2 и UNI EN ISO 15234/2011 и 2012 като сертифициран производител на пелети от клас А1.


Актуална проверка на сертифицираните производители може да се направи в официалният сайт на ENplus® c/o Bioenergy Europe:


сертифика EN Plus A1

Example of calculations of heating costs

260 cubic meters heated volume x 0,055 kW / cubic meter specific heat load x 8 hours x 30 days x l / kWh specific heat price of fuel = heating costs per month Fuel Calorific value of fuel Efficiency of the system Real caloricity Fuel price Specific cost of heat Heating costs of 100 […]