Presswood pallets

Pressed pallets are produced by a process in which dry sawdust is made
they are glued together with resin and then formed from steel molds under high pressure and high temperature.

Unlike traditional Euro or Epal pallets, pressed pallets do not need
fumigation. The technology of pressing under high temperature and pressure eliminates
the need for phytosanitary treatments or IPPC seals.

Presswood pallets are ideal for export, especially in cases where traditional wooden pallets cannot be used. The treated wood meets ISPM 15 and NIMF 15 – international standards.

Thanks to the unique design of our wooden pallets, the solutions we offer allow for optimal loading and storage. Their use in any production or trade saves space both in the loading / unloading area and during storage.

Our process

When the complete palletizing solution is created with attention to each customer and
business, the end result is:

you get the most optimized packaging that reduces yours
costs and the footprint on the environment
Our pallets are durable and multifunctional for all your transport and storage needs

Less space occupied

Below you can see the difference that the use of presswood pallets makes in warehouses and loading and unloading areas. Using them allows you to make the most of your space and leads to significant savings in additional costs for transportation of products:

Presswood pallets - екопресовани дъресни палета
екопресовани дървесни палета

Pressed pallets are made of recycled wood, thus protecting natural resources. All pallets that are damaged or unfit for further use are recycled and recycled to form a perfect product cycle.


Format 1/2
Perfect pallet size for carrying smaller sized shipments. Used for transport of electrical equipment, paper, small machines and others.

Dimensions: 600×800 mm

Static load: 2300 kg
Dynamic load: 1000 kg
Entrance: 2-way

чертеж на екопресовани дъресни палета

Euro format
This type of eco-pressed pallet is identical to the pallet by European standard, but weighs only 12.5 kg. This makes it even easier to lift and carry. Its design allows easy and strong packaging with stretch film. All eco-pressed pallets meet the ISPM15 standard and are the perfect solution for sending shipments worldwide.

Dimensions: 800×1200 mm

Static load: 3500 kg
Dynamic load: 1250 kg
Entrance: 4-way

чертеж на екопресовани дъресни палета

Industrial format
These presswood pallets is designed for industrial purposes and is perfect for transporting shipments by sea and air, as it is exempt from the provisions of ISPM15.

Dimensions: 1000×1200 mm

Static load: 3700 kg
Dynamic load: 1500 kg
Entrance: 4-way

чертеж на екопресовано дървесно пале 1000х1200

Container format
Pallets of this size are designed primarily for transportation by ship. They stand perfectly next to each other, thus using the optimal part of the empty load space.

Dimensions: 1140×1140 mm

Static load: 3500 kg
Dynamic load: 1250 kg
Entrance: 4-way

екопресовани дървесни палета чертеж 1140х1140

Recycling is one of the best solutions for environmental protection. The aim is to limit the use of natural resources and to reduce waste by reusing the same products as much as possible. This way of using the materials and products at the same time keeps the costs as low as possible.

Our pallets offer solutions that help you limit the negative impact on the environment during the production, transportation and disposal of packaging. Your choice of packaging has an impact on waste management as well as costs for waste disposal, which you should also include in your overall business costs.

Presswood pallets are suitable for these industries:






Protective / Production of ammunition

Brewing and chemicals


Advantages of pressed pallet made of recycled wood

Ready for export

Convenient and cheap option

Do not need IPPC

Phytosanitary certificates are not required

Do not need a large storage space

Their dimensions allow trouble-free use in ISO containers


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