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Ecologically clean pellets from Axel Trade 2009 LTD


Our enterprise is situated in the town of Samokov, only 60 km away from the capital city of Sofia in the outskirts of the magnificent and beautiful Rila Mountain. Namely therefrom originates the raw material for the pellets that we offer – in particular the high-quality softwood. We select it with regard to the fullest care for the environment, so that we may preserve our greatest gift – our nature and at the same time to be able to provide to your homes the smell of the forest and the warmth of the wood.

In our production process we use exclusively industrial oval wood. The production capacity of “Аксел Трейд 2009“ ЕООД amounts to more than 20 000 tonnes per annum.

Type of packages:

We offer pellets in packages as follows:

  • 15 kg bags – convenient for the loading of e fuel bunker of your fireplace or water-warming boiler as well as
  • Jumbo bag (big bag) of 1000 kg – to facilitate the loading of bigger installations.

Characteristics of the pellets:

  • 100 % softwood without chemical  impurities;
  • Warmth release amounts to – 5.1 kWh/kg;
  • Ashes after burning up to 0, 69% ;
  • Diameter 6 mm;
  • Length up to 35 mm;
  • Humidity – 5,5 %;
  • Sulfur – 0,0014 %.
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