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RIGHTS on the contents of the site

The whole contents of all articles, pages and photos are owned by Axel Trade 2009 EOOD and are protected under the Copyright and Related Rights in the Republic of Bulgaria Act. Their non-regulated use shall be considered to constitute a crime and the violators shall be subjected to criminal and civil responsibility according to Bulgarian legislation.

Rights and obligations of users

The users of the site have the right to share and reissue the contents or parts thereof in social media, only if it is particularly clarified that the contents is owned by Axel Trade 2009 EOOD and if there is link-source to the original web address in www.schneiderpellets.com. The publication of whole articles, parts of articles or pictures in other sites, as well as their use for other purposes, shall be possible following the explicit written authorisation by the copyright holders. Please, come into contact with us at e-mail: sales@schneiderpellets.com or e-mail: office@schneiderpellets.com, if you wish to use parts of the contents of the site.


Axel Trade 2009 EOOD as owner of www.schneiderpellets.com shall not be liable with regard to any damages caused to the User concerning any lack of access to impossibility or lack of access to the present site.

Axel Trade 2009 EOOD shall not be liable with regard to the subjectivity, utility the exhaustiveness and the correctness of the contents in this site, because of the possibility that they may be interpreted or perceived in a different manner.

Axel Trade 2009 EOOD has the right to amend the present General conditions at any time and any amendment shall be published in timely manner.

As regards any issues that are not provided for in the present General conditions the legislation currently in force in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.


This Confidentiality policy aims to inform you about the manner in which we process your personal data, as well as about your rights, stemming therefrom.

With regard to the use of the site, your personal data may be gathered in several ways.

Contact form

When you send message through the contact form in the site the following [personal data shall be collected: name, e-mail and message. They are kept in a protected folder.

Rights of the user

Do not forget that as a user you have the following rights with regard to personal data:

You have the right to an easy access to the data that is collected with regard to yourself. This includes also the provision of more information for the data processing as well as guarantees that this information is available in a clear and easy to understand manner. You have the right to know when the personal data have been subjected to external penetration.

The right to be deleted (“right to be forgotten”). When a person does not wish any longer his or her data to be processed and there is no legitimate reason those data to be kept, the data shall be deleted.


In order for the site to operate in a proper manner, sometimes we keep at your device small files with data, called “cookies”. Most of the websites also use the same method.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which are stored in your computer or mobile device, when you visit certain sites. They allow the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as for example user name, language, size of the font and other display settings) for a certain period of time, so as you are not supposed to enter such data any time when you visit the site or you browse through different pages.

How we use cookies?

Many of our pages use cookies of third parties in order to:

  • Gather statistics about the type of pages that you visit the way in which you have reached them,
  • Provide to you embedded content such as video clips on YouTube or slideshow,
  • Be able to share the pages you like in your favourite social media,
  • You to be able to remember whether you have agreed or not with regard to the use of cookies on this site,
  • For us to use also session cookies, so that it would not be necessary for you to log in any time that you change the current page of the site.

How you can control cookies?

You are able to control and/or delete cookies whenever you wish so – to receive more information visit aboutcookies.org. You may delete all the cookies, which have already been saved at your PC, and you can also program most of the browsers to block them. If you choose to do so, however, may be necessary to tune up manually some of the parameters, whenever you visit certain sites, and besides it is possible some services and functions not to work in a proper manner.

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